QMA Testimonial for Lean Workshop:

“E3, LLC enlisted Quality Manufacturing Associates LLC to conduct a Lean Workshop for one of our clients, Peerless Instrument Company. The Lean Workshop was a crucial part of our client’s overall training to implement its quality maintenance system. Lean will prepare them for increased capabilities and will lead to the maximization of resources that should lead to increased revenue. We found Enrique Bekerman and Myriam Ochart to be extremely knowledgeable and effective – a sentiment echoed by our clients.” June 2011

Fred Gilliam, CEO
3, LLC

“I have known Enrique (Quality Manufacturing Associates LLC) for a number of years and worked with him in arranging Quality and OSHA training as well as participating in the training modules myself. I find that Enrique has always been extremely accommodating to work with and his command of the subject matter has been excellent. He understands how to target the material to the audience in order to achieve the desired results. Enrique’s involvement in such endeavors always results in a benefit to everyone.”

Joe Neuhausel, Director of Quality
Cross Match Technologies

“Enrique was an invaluable resource in providing expert assistance in guiding our company to ISO9001:2008 certification. He was always available for advice and literally held our hand through the process. He was able to work our existing policies and procedures into the QMS system, rather than changing them to fit a rigid template. Enrique would be a asset to any organization seeking to improve their quality processes.”

John Caden, President
RehaMed International

“Thanks to Enrique’s (QMA) advice and hard work we were able to increase the ASP of our market segment by 21% reduce quality complaints by a whopping 70% and increase our customer fill rates by 10%. Enrique also displays outstanding social skills and was well liked by everyone at Vision-Ease Lens. I would highly recommend the service provided by QMA.”

Cass Lungren, Director of Global Distribution
Vision-Ease Lens Worldwide

“Enrique obtained a training grant that significantly reduced the cost of attaining CE Marks for our product, attaining ISO 9001:2000 Certification, and, training our workforce in Lean Manufacturing. These three programs were completed during an 11 months period without any interruption to our operations. The impact of our certifications and training was immediate. Companies, who had not bought from us before were now making quick buying decisions for our products. Cost savings resulting form out Lean training, alone, saved us $200,000 during the first six months.”

Alfred Lipshultz, President
Aquathin Corporation

“As this was our company’s first quality management system implementation, I was new to much of the material and methods. Enrique was extremely perceptive in determining what our company needed, and incredibly helpful in helping us implement.”

Christian Conesa, Director of Quality
Optimux Control Systems, Inc.

“Enrique is a seasoned professional. I have worked with Enrique In DEC projects and have been impressed with his knowledge and experience. I recommend him highly…”

Al Redlhammer, President
Seariders Group

“Enrique was instrumental in helping our company obtain our ISO9001 and AS9100 certifications. His knowledge of the standards along with his resources provided the framework that we built our quality system around. We obtained our certifications from the registrar on the first audit, and had only 3 minor findings that were very quickly and easily rectified. This is a testamaent to Enrique’s ability to provide expert leadership and help prepare companies for certification.” April 22, 2011

Ron Corbitt
Project Manager

“Enrique is an excellent Quality trainer. During 2010 Enrique conducted a Certified Quality Engineer training for my team to help them prepare for the exam. He did a great job balancing between theory and real world application of the tools. Furthermore Enrique is very dependable, punctual and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of quality.” April 28, 2011

Guillermo Rodriguez, Director of Quality Assurance
Office Depot

“I have worked with Enrique through SFMA and ASQ over the past 10 years. In Q1-2010, I hired Enrique to complete a process audit for my team at PetroAlgae. He completed a very detailed audit of our juice processing into hi-protein animal feed and bio-crude fuel pellets. This was handled very professionally, timely and with excellent detail. Such that Enrique was retained to complete a second process audit Q4-2010. I would recommend Enrique for any process audit or quality management systems audit that you might need completed. ” May 2, 2011

Ed Klaczak, VP of Operations/Quality Systems