Lean 101

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Time: 4 hours
Location: Your facility

Lean 101 – Training Where Everyone is Engaged

Learn the Lean practices in our four-hour quality improvement workshop to maximize profits and increase operational efficiencies. Workshops are conducted at your facility where everyone will learn in your surroundings.

Lean is practiced today in all areas of public and private organizations, including government, hospitals, education, manufacturing, and enterprises to eliminate waste and non-value activity.

Our Lean 101 workshop, The Zippy Toy Car Company is a lively and dynamic simulation designed to guide Supply Chain, Distribution, and Manufacturing operations teams and business owners through Lean practices.

Lean 101 Program Inquiry and Set Up

Contact: Enrique Bekerman, President, QMA, phone: (954) 856-8810 | email: enrique[at]webuildqualitytogether.com

Eight Wastes

To understand and be responsive to continuous quality improvement needs in operations, these specific eight wastes are the focus areas of the Lean practices:

  1. Overproduction
  2. Excess Inventory
  3. Waiting Time
  4. Excess Motion
  5. Transportation
  6. Defects
  7. Non-value Adding Processing
  8. Underutilized Minds

As a participant, you are given measurable ways to reduce inventory, improve waste reduction, product quality, and workflow resulting in an improved bottom line specific for your company.

Presenters: Our Team of Quality Experts

Enrique Bekerman, President, Quality Manufacturing Associates, LLC (sponsor)
Myriam Ochart, President, OCHART Management Consultants, Inc.

Who Should Attend

Business owners, managers, and operators of warehouse facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and quality teams

Our cost effective four-hour workshop helps participants:

  • Understand the frustrations that create negative effects on company performance.
  • Recognize opportunities for improvement in product quality and customer service.
  • Apply and implement Lean concepts and tools that give you an advantage over competitors and improve your company’s bottom line.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“The Lean workshop was a crucial part of our client’s overall training to implement its quality maintenance system.” Fred Gilliam, CEO, E3

“Thanks to Enrique’s (QMA) advice and hard work we were able to increase the ASP of our market segment by 21%, reduce quality complaints by a whopping 70%, and increase our customer fill rates by 10%. Cass Lungren, Global Distribution Director, Vision-Ease Lens Worldwide

“Enrique is an excellent Quality trainer…and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of quality.” Guillermo Rodriguez, Quality Assurance Director, Office Depot