But Mommy, You Said…

by Enrique Bekerman www.webuildqualitytogether.com When my son Randy was 4 years old he invited a neighborhood friend to play. My wife admonished the boys to take “only one toy out at a time”. My son agreed, but when my wife returned, to her dismay all of Randy’s toys were scattered all over the room. Randy,.. read more →

Getting Back to Basics in Quality Improvement

Essential for survival, a strategy of getting your organization back to basics can make the difference in obtaining significant bottom line results. How do you build quality in your company? By applying 5 basic principles, your company can experience significant improvements in a short period of time.  At Quality Manufacturing Associates, we train and consult on continuous quality.. read more →

A Hilarious Collection of Lean and Six Sigma Dilbert Comic Strips

Mark Graban’s Lean Blog has put together a collection of Dilbert comic strips that pokes fun at Lean and Six Sigma implementation.  http://www.leanblog.org/dilbert Enjoy!! read more →

New Year Improvements

The New Year is time for new beginnings and building from our past successes. The business world requires us to continually improve. A public corporation needs to shows growth in earnings from quarter to quarter and year to year.  A private company needs to improve just to keep up with increasing competition.  Even non-profits and.. read more →